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Below is some of the work we have done with our customers - click on an image to read about the project below. Click on the image again to close it. Call us to discuss what IML Design can do for your business.

Dr Matthew Speed

Dr Matthew Speed is dentist in Glen Iris, Victoria who provides his clients with beautiful smiles in his state of the art surgery.

Matthew wanted his website to reflect his style and flair so we used full screen changing images as the background for his site and the latest in responsive web design so his clients can look at it on a computer or iPad or smartphone.

IML Design Services used: hosting, web design, web development.


Aviation Components - specialist aircraft hydraulic and mechanical component repair facility

Aviation Components is a speciliast aircraft hydraulic and mechanical component repair facility based in Moorabbin Victoria.

They required an updated website urgently for an upcoming world-wide trade show. IML Design implemented a website, that fitted with the style of the business, with all content and images online within their 2 week timeframe.

"We are very happy with our new website, it looks professional and impressive!" - Paul Faulkner, Aviation Components

IML Design Services used: hosting and local server implementation, website implementation, remote IT support.


Rockabilly Bling - custom jewellery for the rockabilly guys and gals

Rockabilly Bling creates hand-made jewellery for the Rockabilly guys and gals of the world.

They required an online shopping website that showcased their products, was easy to update regularly with new products and could manage orders 24 hours a day. The website also had to reflect the 1950's styling of the Rockabilly genre.

"I LOVE my website!! It reflects our business and even I can add new jewellery in" - Jacquie Burslem, Rockabilly Bling

IML Design Services used: hosting, remote IT support, web design, web development, social media support.


massage2u - corporate massage at your site

Massage2U provides corporate massage at your business site.

M2U required a public website detailing the services they provide to the corporate sector along with a smart intranet for use by the corporate employee's to book their own massage appointments.
There is also a business admin system that runs the entire Massage2U business, keeping admin costs and efforts to a minimum.

"The team at IML have designed and built the IT systems for my business, which included a mix of CRM and booking systems. Regular meetings were scheduled throughout the process and I was kept up to date every step of the way. They listened to my needs and made changes to suit as required with minimum fuss, and the job was completed on time and as per the agreed specifications. Both Ian and Anne have strong attention to detail, are very professional in their approach and are willing to go that extra mile to complete the task at hand.
I consider IML my partners in IT and they provide an invaluable support to both me and my clients" - Donna Sargent, Massage2U

IML Design Services used: hosting, remote IT support, web design, web development.


BM Tech - BMW and Mini Service Specialists

BM Tech is an independent service specialist for BMW and Mini with two locations, Canterbury and Essendon.

They required a website that was professional, had information about all of their services and allowed their customers to create a booking for their car service online. The customer also receives reminders via email and SMS automatically.

"The support and assistance we receive from IML Support allows us to get on with the business of servicing BMW and Minis well" - Joe Brogno, BM Tech

IML Design Services used: hosting, remote IT support, web design, web development, e-newsletter development, social media support.


IICA - institute of instrumentation control and automation

IICA is the Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation within Australia.

They needed to refresh their public website whilst continuing to allow their members and public to book online for educational courses offered. IICA have a back end administration system that allows them to manage the memberships as well as courses and events held throughout the year.

"Ian Lewis & Anne Boundy from IML Design have been providing Web Design services to the IICA since 2003. They have recently completed an overhaul of the IICA website which looks very impressive. They are easy to work with and are able to tackle any tasks we required." - Cathie Tynan, IICA Federal Secretary

IML Design Services used: hosting, remote IT support, web design, web development.


china golf experience - provides personalised golf trips to play the magnificent courses at Mission Hills in China

China Golf Experience provides personalised golf tours to Mission Hills, China.

China Golf already had a public website, however they needed to capture their web leads and handle these through to booking and management of the actual tour.
IML tailored our CRM package to the specific requirements of China Golf and linked it into the web enquiry page.

"To help us manage our clients and bookings we implemented our favourite 'bag' handler "CADDI". The package was based on the system developed by Ian Lewis and his team at IML Design and then tailored to our specific requirements. It made an immediate difference to both our customer experience and our efficiency when handling all the enquiries. From the initial customer enquiry, to booking courses and tee times to the messaging of our clients while at the resort, "CADDI" helps us ensure our clients have a sensational China Golf Experience.
We are very happy and impressed with the support we receive from IML Design, whether it is a change to software or just some administrative fixes; everything is done quickly and efficiently." - Kevin Davidson, China Golf Experience

IML Design Services used: hosting, remote IT support, web development.


MIRA Companions -

MIRA Companions is a consulting group who works on managing change and development within businesses.

They required an update to their website based on the European MIRA website that outlined all that they can do for a client.

"I have known Ian in a professional context for over 12 years. We have had and continue to have a fantastic working relationship based on trust. Ian has worked with me in three different companies; initially to build a web site for a new joint venture web based benchmarking business then later with Benchmarking Success and now with MIRA Companions for Development.

Even more important than Ian's technical capabilities in his ability to respond in a timely, respectful way to all the issues I have had over these years. It is always a pleasure to work with him. It is rare for a professional relationship to become personal but I regard Ian as a friend. " - Stephen Hanman - MIRA

IML Design Services used: hosting, remote IT support, website implementation.


Deboruccis - the ultimate fashion experience in Cowes, Phillip Island

Deboruccis is a fushion of clothing, accessories, handmade jewellery, shoes and homewares - 'girl heaven' !

They required an online shopping website that showcased their products, was easy to update regularly with new products and sale pricing and could manage orders 24 hours a day. The design incorporated the owner's love of ocelot.

"I wanted my customers, once they had left Phillip Island, to still be able to order my products. I needed an online shop!" - Deb, Deboruccis

IML Design Services used: hosting, remote IT support, web design, web development.


Alesco -

Alesco supplies numerous products to trade and industrial companies within the building market.

They required an internal system to manage their property and legal issues. IML created a web-based system to manage these important parts of their business.

"IML was responsive and proactive through the process of designing our [online databases]. It consistently provides high-quality services to support its products. We have been very happy with the service and support we have received from IML" - Luci Rafferty, Alesco

IML Design Services used: hosting and local server implementation, website implementation, remote IT support.
Note: AlescoAssist is a trademark of Alesco




Jan Fowler of MIRA Companions is based in Western Australia and has utilised the remote support and IT consulting that IML Design provide.

"I have worked with IML Design for X years now and can't speak highly enough of their work and approach. Without fail I have received prompt, cost effective and efficient service - all this despite my needs ranging from the small and seemingly trite to the more urgent.

I have also frequently sought advice on what products best meet my professional and personal requirements and have been consistently pleased with the information and options offered. This has translated into set up and on-going maintenance with which I am sufficiently satisfied to never contemplate seeking an alternative or more local provider.

Ian Lewis is a fine and competent individual and I greatly appreciate my working relationship with him as it allows me to do what I do best knowing that his expertise and professional support is constantly available and reliable." - Jan Fowler, MIRA

IML Design Services used: hosting, email hosting, remote IT support, IT consulting.


CEO Essentials -

CEO Essentials provides mentoring to the executive level within business.

They required the ability to provide 360 degree reviews of senior staff within businesses. IML Design created software to enable the entering of this information from the participants and processing of the results for analysis.

"I have worked with Ian Lewis and the IML Design team for over 10 years. During that time they have provided exceptional service and unique solutions to a large number of tasks. Included in these were two complex fully interactive websites that required significant behind the scenes database creativity and management. They have always been very responsive to requests, reacting promptly and thoroughly. The more recent addition of Anne Boundy to the team has embellished the IML Design offering, broadening the experience, knowledge and capability. I highly recommend IML Design and would be happy to provide a reference at any time." - Harvey Martin, CEO Essentials

IML Design Services used: hosting, website development, implementation, remote IT support.

Benchmarking Success

Benchmarking Success provides supply chain benchmarking services to supply chain and logistics operations businesses.

BMS wanted to update their website to explain to prospective customers all that their business could do for them and allow customers to log in to undertake the diagnostic surveys.

IML Design Services used: hosting, web design, web development.